How it all started.

The company history from Anton Flury Profilschleiferei to FLURY TOOLS AG.


Entry into wire EDM

In addition to our extensive machine park, we can now also wire EDM.


New website

Redesign and relaunch of website.



Retrofit of all five Mägerle creep feed grinding machines completed.



ISO certification according to 9001:2015.


New machine type

Purchase of the first Rollomatic NP5 rough grinding machine.


Handover to the 2nd generation

Succession plan and transfer of FLURY TOOLS AG to the second generation.


ISO certification

ISO certification 9001:2008


New machine type

Purchase of the first Haas 5-axis grinding machine.


Sale of an AG

FLURY SYSTEMS AG is sold to the Dimar Group.


2nd extension

Extension building for profile and creep feed grinding


Foundation of another AG

Split off and start-up of FLURY SYSTEMS AG making tools for the woodworking sector.



Building extension to accommodate the Woodworking Tools department.


Foundation of the AG

The founding of FLURY TOOLS AG


Moving to the current location

 Relocation to a new building at Römerstrasse West 32 in Arch


New production areas

A start is made in the manufacture of profile knives and comb scrapers


1. Deep grinding machine

Purchase of the first creep feed grinding machine.


Moving to new building

A larger workshop became necessary, as there was insufficient space, hence the move up the road to Solothurnstrasse 10 in Arch. The number of machines grew – there were now two PeTeWe machines and a Tripet surface grinding machine.



Relocation to Solothurnstrasse 8, in the municipality of Arch.


Founding of Anton Flury Profile Grinding

At 25 years of age, Anton Flury decided to risk striking out on his own.The Anton Flury Profilschleiferei profile grinding company was founded. He started out in a garage in Selzach with a PeTeWe optical profile grinding machine.


ISO 9001:2015

Flury Tools AG has been ISO certified since 2011. 

Flury Tools AG has focused on quality for over 45 years. Our top priority at Flury Tools AG is to have satisfied customers, satisfied employees, and to consistently and continuously improve. Only after the intensive process of analysis could company owner Anton Flury accept the ISO 9001 certification on behalf of all Flury Tools AG employees. We have experienced steady company growth with an increasing customer base and employee growth. We are focused on transparency and the control of all processes. Mr. Flury says that "The successful ISO certification sealed our high customer satisfaction rate and our quality of service. For every one of us this is a big milestone and one that paves the way to both near and distant futures."

Certificatet Flury Tools AG

High Quality from Switzerland

FLURY TOOLS AG is based in the town of Arch in the western part of the Swiss midlands, an economic region with a long tradition in the manufacturing of innovative products and the processing of high-precision components for the supply industry.